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🙂 Dare to know the difference between a mortgage loan to buy a home and a housing lease 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : Mortgage loans are the fastest option you have to qualify for a loan which will establish monthly installments that you can pay in a specified period of time, so that people who require it can opt to acquire a living place

Look at the benefits that you can apply for a mortgage loan to buy a home

🤓  The first of the benefits is that it will allow you to have your own home Subsidy of housing  ✅

• There are some banking entities that establish their own benefits, such may be the case of Bancolombia, which is one of the entities that can provide you with a reduction in the taxable base as regards the calculation of withholdings.

• Canceled contributions can significantly reduce the taxable base, this can be quite favorable since you can get savings that can reach up to 30%

• It gives you the possibility that you can change the modality or financing plan

• Regarding the study carried out by the bank, it is carried out at no cost.

• Bancolombia allows you to make payments before the dates and if it is the case that you can cancel the credit completely, this will not generate any sanction

• It also gives you the option that you can change the payment dates of the installments.

• In case you wish to increase or decrease the cancellation time, you can also do so without any consequence.

🔥 💥  To apply for the mortgage loan in this bank you can make the total sum of the minimum income with what you have in the family nucleus Subsidy of housing 🤑

• You can choose to make payment with a savings account or checking account, and on the other hand it gives you the opportunity to opt for automatic credits to advance in installments, it is a facility that other banking entities do not provide.

• It opens up the possibility of opting for coverage that makes government subsidies available through the fresch program, where the holders and co-holders can be a maximum of 3 people and the guarantors are jointly liable as regards the cancellation of the credit, it is important that you know that they do not appear as homeowners.

😂  Know what a housing lease is Subsidy of housing  ✨


Housing leases are programs that the government has implemented in order that those people who do not have the possibility of owning their own home, can count on a sum that allows them to make the monthly payment of a rental fee this to in turn, it contains a capital and interest, the difference between housing leasing and mortgage credit fundamentally lies in the fact that at the end of the lease, people can have the option to purchase the property for a percentage of the initial value, this system is better known as an option to purchase.