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🙂 Search your property without complications through the Comfenalco Housing Subsidy 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : One way to change the lifestyle of a family nucleus is through the acquisition of a home, everyone seeks stability, tranquility and improvement not only professionally but also personally and what better way to do it by opting for the benefit of subsidies of Comfenalco homes.

Comfenalco is known as the family compensation fund, this non-profit entity, whose objective is economic redistribution, to offer help to improve the quality of life of workers, offering Comfenalco housing subsidies and other subsidies.

🤓  Subsidy of housing housing subsidy family compensation ✅

For those who do not have the idea that it is family compensation, it is a term that refers to a social service provision, the purpose of which is to provide a certain amount of money to workers who are in a medium or low level of economic resources, to To be a beneficiary of this type of aid, you must meet the requirements established by law.

What the family compensation fund for Comfenalco housing subsidies seeks is to provide economic balance and ease for acquiring your property, taking into account the amount of money in income that you have, as all types of subsidies this will be granted a once.

🔥  Types of Comfenalco housing subsidies 🤑


This entity offers two types of Comfenalco housing subsidies, among which we find one dedicated to social interest for members and the subsidy for those who are not members of the family compensation fund, the latter is granted by the State.

✨ What does Comfenalco housing subsidies consist of? 💥

Regarding the family subsidy for social housing for those people who are affiliated, Comfenalco works as a savings bank where each of the workers make a contribution of money which will allow them to acquire the property, this contribution is free of charge. restitution, this type of contribution may only be used for the purchase of the following types of homes:

• Acquisition of new homes

• Fixing or improving an existing home

• Construction of a new property

In the second type of Comfenalco housing subsidies for the acquisition of real estate by people who are not affiliated to the family compensation fund, this is given thanks to the agreements that the State has entered into with the compensation fund, the which allows those people who are not public employees to also have the facility to acquire their own property.

In order for you to apply for this type of Comfenalco housing subsidy benefits, you must be attentive to the call for application by the State, once the application is made, the interested parties should go to any office corresponding to the family compensation fund to make inquiries. pertinent about the procedures and thus be able to apply to be a beneficiary of this subsidy.