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🥇 The Bogotá bank offers you the possibility of acquiring a home through financing plans called housing leasing 😂 🔥 ⌚⭐

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : The housing leasing offered by the Bogotá bank opens the possibility of acquiring a home whose method is carried out through a lease contract in which you must periodically make the payment of a lease fee, the contract will have a period of time established for the cancellation of the housing leasing, it is important to bear in mind that at the beginning of the signing of the contract the beneficiary of the housing leasing must make an extraordinary payment of approximately 20% for the commercial value of the property and while the other 80% is financed by the bank.

✅  Among one of the fundamental aspects that must be taken into account when applying 🙂

Subsidy of housing  for housing leasing is that this financing method applies to homes whose commercial cost does not exceed the 135 legal minimum wages in force, on the other hand, this type of purchase of housing has as a fundamental characteristic that once you have fulfilled the term of the contract, the opting party has the option to buy for this, he must bear in mind that he must cancel up to 30% of the total amount of the financing, once you have canceled this amount it will become the owner of the property.

🤓  See what you should take into account when requesting the housing leasing financing plan offered by Bancolombia ✨

It is necessary that you bear in mind that the requirements that you must consign at the time of requesting the housing leasing will depend on the type of income you have on a monthly basis and for this it will be necessary to present the financial supports that prove such income, on the other hand, the opting party You have the possibility to choose between a term of 5 to 20 years for the cancellation of the housing lease.

If the opting party cannot continue with this financing modality, you can choose to assign the housing leasing to third parties, it is important to bear in mind that this financing modality during the payment of the property will be in the name of the bank until the total cancellation is made. leasing, which means that the property acquired is unattachable.

🔥 💥  Keep in mind that when opting for housing leasing you must have current life insurance 🤑

Subsidy of housing  and insurance on the property that you are going to acquire which must be an insurance that covers any type of risks, the opting party must keep in mind that while making use and enjoyment of the home must cover the expenses regarding the payment of public services, administration, property, valuation and any other payment that is related to the property, in terms of how to opt for this type of financing modality You can do it through the bank’s web portal, through the bank’s application or through the bank’s offices, take advantage of this new way of acquiring a home offered by the Bogotá bank.