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🙂 Look knows the down payment housing subsidies 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : The initial quota housing subsidies are social aids that are clearly aimed at supporting those people in vulnerable conditions, who are in the range of social stratum 1 and 2, this type of support is looking for people who have the money to give the down payment for the acquisition of a house and in this way they can improve the standard of living.

One of the entities that provides the initial payment housing subsidy benefit is Mi Casa Ya, the operation of the subsidy is based on the monthly income of the possible beneficiary said cannot exceed the approximate amount of 540 usd, when making the calculation for this Amount of monthly income Mi Casa Ya will be able to grant the initial installment housing subsidy for an amount of approximately 8,100 usd with which the person who receives this benefit will be able to give the necessary initial installment for the acquisition of the home.

🤓  Know what type of beneficiaries are granted the initial fee housing subsidy ✅

This type of subsidy is granted to those who opt for Social Instars housing (VIS), because of them one of the fundamental requirements to be a beneficiary is that the applicant has income that does not exceed approximately 540 usd, another of the Important requirements is that they must have a mortgage loan which must have been pre-approved.

If you are an independent worker, it is necessary that you apply for the credit and the subsidy only and exclusively through authorized banking entities or that are within the initial fee housing subsidy program, in the case of people whose employment situation is through Hiring must start the process through the family compensation fund where they are affiliated.

🔥  This is what you must do to apply for the down payment housing subsidy 🤑


Interested persons must search for the home, it must be within the parameters of Social Interest Housing, it is important that you take into account that when looking for the home you want to acquire on your own, it must be adapted to your needs When you have the property that you are going to buy, you will have to go to the bank, to the family compensation fund to which it belongs or to the National Savings Fund and start the process of requesting the mortgage loan, once it is ready. approved, the beneficiary only has to apply for the subsidy and submit the required documentation.

✨ These are the requirements to be consigned for the initial fee housing subsidy 💥


1. Do not own a home

2. Have the approval of the mortgage loan

3. The beneficiary cannot have received any type of subsidy

4. And have selected the home that is among the social interest housing parameters so that in this way it can apply to the subsidy