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🥇 See the information of the Comfenalco housing subsidies for the disbursement 🙂

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : Surely you think that this is one of the most cumbersome steps in the application and approval process of Comfenalco housing subsidies, but it is not the case here we will give you the precise information so that you can make the disbursement of the housing subsidy, keep in mind that to start With this process it is important that you know the following:

✅  The home must be duly registered with the corresponding public entity. 🤓

• You must have consigned the documentation requested by the Comfenalco family compensation fund

There are two ways in which you can also make the disbursement of the housing subsidy and it is through the collection system against the provision of public deed and the advance collection of the subsidy, to be able to collect the subsidy for the opposite benefit is essential that the house is built and that it has the basic services, and to make the advance payment of the subsidy, you can request the disbursement by presenting the compliance and guarantee policy and fiduciary orders, in addition to the requested documentation.

🤑  See what you have to have on hand to request the disbursement of the Comfenalco housing subsidies 🔥

1. Present all the documentation for the transfer of the resources of the deed, this documentation must match the signatures of the beneficiary of the subsidy and in addition to that the address of the home must match in all the documentation that requires it

2. Present the documentation for the transfer of the anticipated resources here you must bear in mind the following:

to. Writing

b. The delivery certificate

c. The certification of tradition and freedom

d. The authorization of the disbursement

and. The housing existence reports

F. Certification of the bank account

g. Certification of compliance with legal technical standards

💥  In this way is the procedure of filing and disbursement of Comfenalco housing subsidies ✨ 😂  


Once the collection account is received, Comfenalco must, within approximately 15 business days, review the documentation required for the review, return, transfer and payment report, this is in the case of those subsidies that have been approved in the compensation funds.

On the other hand, Comfenalco will carry out the respective study of all the requested documentation which must be collated and verified that the housing solution must be completed on the site that was indicated in the documentation and that it also has public services.

It is important that the social interest housing subsidies that are assigned by the family compensation fund only have a validity period of maximum 12 months which will begin to count from the moment their assignment is made public, the only way that this It can be extended with the authorization of the board of the compensation fund that approved such request and the period will be 12 more months, the latter being the final one.