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✅ Dare to know the Advantages and disadvantages of financing the purchase of a home for a period of 30 years 🥇 🙂

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : One of the options that has given surprising results is the acquisition of housing through the social programs that the National Government has been implementing hand in hand with some financial entities, the controversy that has arisen in relation to the issue is based fundamentally on evaluating How beneficial can it be to opt for financing with a duration of 30 years for the total payment of the loan by the financial institutions, there are many people who may come to think that perhaps during this period of time the investment made It can be twice what they expect, while another part of the population may come to think that this is one of the most appropriate possibilities to be able to pay for a home without having to continue paying a rent.

🤑  Given the controversy about this issue, here we will tell you whether or not it is feasible Subsidy of housing  🤓


for you to opt for a financing plan with a period of 30 years, so that at the time of making the choice you will not have to regret it once. have been a beneficiary of a home purchase loan.


⭐ These are the advantages and disadvantages of financing the purchase of a home for a period of 30 years 🔥 💥


It is not always easy to make the decision to request a financing method for the purchase of a home, as this brings a lot of responsibility and above all compliance must be carried out in a timely manner but before making the decision, review the information that we leave then.

You may be one of the group of people who think that financing with a 30-year period of time can considerably alleviate your finances, perhaps because the decrease in installments can help cover other necessary expenses, but this is not necessarily the case. The most ideal is to make the payments established on a monthly basis, but in addition to this, if you have the possibility of being able to make capital payments, the monthly payment is alleviating or simply reducing the payment of the financed amount, another recommendation is that you opt for methods of financing where a fixed rate is established.

😂  The disadvantages of opting for a 30-year financing is that in most cases the financial Subsidy of housing   ✨

Subsidy of housing entities will implement a method that allows them to cover the risk of the money granted, on the other hand, many financial entities prefer not to take risks, and it is very likely that the requested credit is not approved for this amount of time.

Another important aspect is that those people who think that this is the best option are not taking into account that they will spend almost a lifetime paying the housing loan, it may be true in the end that the investment you are making can be much more expensive than you expect.