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🙂 Did you know that the national government has the Elderly Plan as a Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : The older adult plan is a subsidy that the national government provided for older adults which consists of granting financial aid in order to provide social guarantees and in one way or another protect the older adult so that he can have a better quality of life, people who are interested in applying can do so through the program called the plan for the elderly or also in the program Colombia mayor, the money that the State will subsidize will be managed by the Pension Solidarity Fund Subsidy of housing

✅  Look at the different types of subsidies for the elderly plan Subsidy of housing 🤓

In order to be able to provide the guarantees for a better quality of life to the elderly, the national government has had two types of subsidy and these are the following:

o The so-called direct economic subsidies: the operation of this type of subsidy consists basically in that once the subsidy is approved, the national government transfers the money to the Pension Solidarity Fund who will be in charge of making a deposit to the beneficiary’s bank account

o The so-called indirect economic subsidy: these consist fundamentally in providing them with basic social services, such may be the case of accommodation, food, health, medicines, prostheses that are not within the insurance or that are funded by any entity or body , or any help necessary to improve their quality of life, the entities in charge of granting this type of subsidy are the welfare centers for the elderly and the day centers

🔥  You want to know who can apply for the senior plan Subsidy of housing 🤑

The elderly is one of the most vulnerable populations, which is why the government, in order to provide the social protection that this population requires, has implemented the plan for the elderly, the people who may be beneficiaries of this subsidy must be under the following terms:

• The government focuses on people who do not have economic protection

• People who have not been approved for old-age social security

• People who are on the streets or who live under public charity

• Older adult living in extreme poverty

• Senior citizens who do not live in a family nucleus and who also have a monthly income below half the legal minimum wage in force.

• Those who are living in any wellness center for the elderly.

✨ Subsidy of housing Or those who visit the day centers constantly. 💥

If you are interested, you can carry out the procedures before the corresponding entity in order to make the application so that you can enter into the elderly plan and this to improve the quality of life, you can choose either of the two modalities that the national government has For this type of subsidies, you already know the information, take advantage of and receive the subsidy through the elderly plan.