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🙂 Organization Validation Short online courses with certificates 🥇

Short online courses with certificates

Short online courses with certificates :Validates the Domain Name Holder and company details.

Extended Validation SSL  : Validates the ownership of the domain, the registered office and the physical / legal operation of the company and that the organization itself requested the issuance of SSL.

🤓  Depending Short online courses with certificates  on the company that issues it: ✅

Symantec SSL Certificates : It is the No.1 recognized and trusted SSL issuing company.

Comodo SSL Certificates : It belongs to the elite of SSL certificates with quite good prices and services of high standards.

GeoTrust SSL Certificates  : With more than 100,000 customers in 150 countries, focusing on companies & organizations of all sizes, with  affordable costs  and Greek speaking staff

Thawte SSL Certificates  : It is the perfect solution to protect your site with multilingual support (also in Greek!) And the internationally recognized Thawte Trusted Site

To make it easier to find more SSL certificate is more suitable for your website, we created the SSL selection assistant

Create your WordPress blog in 4 steps

25/08/2018  2 COMMENTS

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Want to start your own WordPress blog but do not know how, the cost or do not have the technical knowledge?

So we have prepared a WordPress blog creation guide , which will show you the whole process that you must follow step by step to start your own blog without the need for technical knowledge!

✨ The main sections that we will see below Short online courses with certificates are: 💥

Step 1 – Domain Name Registration

Step 2 – Select a Hosting package

Step 3 – Install WordPress

Step 4 – Set up WordPress

Create & publish articles

Step 1 – Select & register a domain name for your WordPress blog

The domain name  is the web address of your website, it is the word or phrase that users type in their browser to enter your blog / site, eg: etc.

a. What to pay attention to when choosing a domain name

Small and easy

Prefer a domain with few characters, easy to read, type and memorize. Some successful examples are:, etc

Descriptive & representative

Choose a domain that describes the subject matter of the article or a general idea for your blog, in a conventional or clever way. All you have to do is search for «blog name inspiration» and you will find dozens of suggestions!

🔥  Read in our previous article,   6 tips for choosing a Short online courses with certificates domain name 😂

b. Register the domain name of your choice

The  domain registration helps to acquire a domain name for a specified period with a specific cost. The registration period and the cost differ depending on the extension of the domain you choose (.com, .gr, .eu, .net etc).

For example, .gr domains are renewed every 2 years at a cost of € 19 (+ VAT 24%), while .eu domains  should be renewed every year at a much lower cost. See in DNHOST in detail the costs in the various domain extensions .

Check availability and secure your domain

To check if the domain name you have in mind for your wordpress blog is available for registration, go to DNHOST and search the domain service  .

Check availability and if it is free, secure it! You will need to register and then enter the details of the domain name owner .

Step 2 – Select the Hosting package

Having the domain name in your possession, you are ready for the 2nd step. Choose the hosting package that will host your WordPress blog.