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🥇 MORE domain map and ONG domain Short online courses with certificates🙂

Short online courses with certificates

Short online courses with certificates :  Show that your MORE is validated, trustworthy and legitimate.

Through a validation process that requires the submission of legal documents to prove that you are a legal non-profit organization and in collaboration with a certification body, your non-profit organization will be approved to purchase these domains. This has a huge impact on the credibility of non-profit organizations. When a donor or sponsor receives an email from a .MORE or .ONG address or print publication (or sees an online listing / ad) promoting a .MORE or .ONG website, it is common knowledge that the MORE, ONG, charity or Your nonprofit is certified, legal and trustworthy.

🤓  Short online courses with certificatesSecure your domain & protect your trademark. ✅

Register your .MORE and .ONG domains now, before anyone else does, because although the terms «MORE» and «ONG» are not widely used in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, they are the prevailing terms used to describe charities in most other parts of the world. There is a lot of competition in these areas and the sooner you register your domains, the better you protect your online brand of your nonprofit.

Global list of MOREs

Short online courses with certificatesGet involved in a global MORE database.

When nonprofits register .MORE domains and .ONG domains are added to the OMOREod Global Directory (oMOREod.MORE) which becomes the largest online database of legally recognized, certified MOREs worldwide. As OMOREod and its toolkit develop, the limits for online donations internationally will be removed and tracking and reporting on the progress of the global MORE sector will become much easier. With the support of the Public Interest Registry and  ICANN , OMOREod undertakes the process of validating millions of MOREs worldwide. This is one of the greatest developments in world charity in 30 years.

🔥  Symantec SSL reissue, under DigiCert 🤑

Following the issue of security with Symantec SSL certificates and Google ‘s decision to lift Chrome’s trust in Symantec SSLs by 2018, a solution has been found that satisfies all stakeholders (browser community, Google, Symantec).

The problem with Symantec SSLs

Symantec PKI operates a number of Certificate Authorities under various brand names (Thawte, VeriSign, Equifax, GeoTrust and RapidSSL). PKI therefore issued numerous certificates which did not comply with the basic requirements of the CA / Browser Forum . An investigation revealed that Symantec had outsourced the ability to issue certificates without proper or necessary supervision. In fact, he was aware of the lack of security in these organizations for some time.

The solution provided by Symantec

In November 2017, DigiCert , Inc. acquired Symantec website security products (SSL certificates & PKI from GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL & Symantec). On December 1, 2017, it implemented a new PKI for troubleshooting, so that warning messages do not appear to website visitors using these SSLs.

The new PKI also means a faster and more efficient validation process (and therefore a faster version) as well as a stronger, more reliable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).


💥  Therefore, the situation with SSL Certificates is as followsShort online courses with certificates: ✨

Find SSL issued, reissued, renewed or replaced after the 01.12.2017 are fully compatible with all browsers (Chrome, etc.) .

Find SSL issued before the 06.01.2016 and expire after the 15/03/2018 will be reissued until 15.03.2018 . Find expire until the 15/3 have no problem.

Find SSL issued from 6.1.2016 to 12.1.2017 and will expire after the 09/13/2018 will be reissued until 09.13.2018 . Find expire until  the 13/9 have no problem.

The following diagram shows the important replacement dates of the SSLs in question.

🔥  Symantec SSL replacement by Digicert Short online courses with certificates😂  

DNHOST in cooperation with its customers, is already proceeding with free reissue and reinstallation of those SSLs  that need to be replaced.