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🥇 Online English courses with certificate SEO and paid ads What is the difference between them? 🙂

Online English courses with certificate

Online English courses with certificate : SEO and paid ads What is the difference between them? Online English courses with certificate. Also called search engine marketing, it is the use of paid ads to show a customer’s website on the SERP pages from Google, Bing, and other search engines.

🤓  Online English courses with certificate  Many people have a question, is there a difference between SEO and paid ads? ✅

Online English courses with certificate  Of course, there is a big difference between them, and each of them has its own advantages, so we get to know the difference between them in detail. Advertise your sites with SEO Online English courses with certificate

Site advertising through SEO is one of the most popular methods used by website owners or companies to market websites, as it achieves the best level, but in the long term. Online English courses with certificate

How to advertise the site with SEO in the search engine Online English courses with certificate

The site is advertised in SEO by following some easy steps and working on implementing strategies so that the site tops the search results, through this matter you can get thousands and millions of visitors to the site simply without the need to pay money for Google ads.

SEO types Online English courses with certificate

🔥  There are two types of SEO, either internal or external Online English courses with certificate 🤑

Internal SEO: is concerned with the site itself and the content on this site, where the content must be compatible with the SEO standards, with the addition of meta tags in the correct image and some other things.

External SEO: It is done by doing back-link work for the site, and publishing it on other sites and forums, in external SEO an amount is paid for the work of the backlink service for the site and published in the most famous forums and sites, in particular taking into account that these sites carry the same area of ​​the user’s site so that he can Take profits from this after increasing the number of visitors on the site.


✨    Online English courses with certificate  SEO and paid ads What is the difference between them? 💥

A very effective and distinctive way here, you must communicate with sites in the same field and write an article about your site and services and publish it on a famous site in exchange for paying an amount to publish your site, there will be a big difference in your site after a while.

The importance of SEO Online English courses with certificate

The owners of many sites depend on SEO for several goals, which are as follows:

To show the company or site in the first search engines for specific keywords related to your field.

You are in need if you are promoting a product or commodity and do not want to pay money for sponsored ads.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you have a site and you really want to target your audience through search engines.

If you want to increase the number of your potential customers and the number of visitors to your site for free.

How to improve your site for SEO?

Some important things must be taken into consideration, including:

Define your goals:

Commitment to follow and learn SEO basics and ways to apply them on your site, while identifying the target audience.

key words:

You should define keywords, as the more searches, the higher the value of your field, and there are three types of keywords:

  • Short keywords.
  • Medium keywords.
  • Long keywords.

Work to improve the site  Online English courses with certificate internally:

The keywords should be placed in the appropriate places such as «website title, description, hashtags, within the article itself», in addition to improving the quality of the content itself, with the content being constantly renewed.

In the field of SEO, there is no such thing as contentment in learning, as it is necessary to read and learn continuously and do not rely on your old information. Everything new in the field of SEO can be obtained through «blogs, courses, books.»

Online English courses with certificate  There are sites that really need SEO advertising only and some sites that need paid ads, while other sites need either of the two methods, the choice depends on the following matters:

The domain of the site is strong and difficult to compete. Online English courses with certificate

Your site’s domain is medium or poor competition.

Advertise the sites with paid ads

This method is subject to the use of paid Google ads for the purpose of publicizing the site, and makes it the first in search engine results, as many companies and websites rely on this method.

How to advertise the site with Google paid ads Online English courses with certificate

This method requires a budget in order to pay for Google ads so that your site leads the top search engines, and to create advertising campaigns targeting specific words according to the domain of your site, you will find your site may actually be the first search engine without the need for a great effort compared to the effort of competitors.

✨ List of free online courses of creating websites and the technical standards of search engines are taken into account. 💥

✨ List of free online courses of creating websites and the technical standards of search engines are taken into account. 💥

List of free online courses : Our team also has the advantage of establishing the  List of free online courses, website based on speed in order to see the home page on the website in a few seconds, and this matter because the speed of any website is one of the reasons for success and therefore the customer if he thinks that the site is not fast, he will go To another site, List of free online courses and this harms the strength of the site, but we provide the necessary speed for the website.

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🔥  List of free online courses Services of digital marketing companies in Turkey: 🤑  

List of free online courses Through e-marketing companies in Turkey, we provide many electronic services, the main goal of which is to market List of free online courses

 Turkish products and bring global views, and among those services are the following:

Designing List of free online courses advertising sites, which is one of the most important services provided through our site, as one of the means for the success of any product today is to advertise it through social media, and it is also one of the tasks that we do with experience and professionalism, we know how to manage ads on the Internet And providing the various possibility List of free online courses es available in order to facilitate work for the owners of these sites.

Real estate website design: It is also one of the services provided in the website design service by continuously presenting new ideas so that your site reaches the top of the competition and in order to make it easier for you to manage the site and update it constantly, which provides you with the List of free online courses highest benefit of the visitor in the sites

Also, your web design service, of course, needs an ideal experience. Once the page is loaded, the information must be obtained quickly and with high quality, and that service we provide in our company, and we also try to get rid of the problems of data violations and consumer information that is seized through The website, which contains the filling of personal information, including the name, phone number and e-mail, in which case the site must be protected and highly secure from penetration and the data must not be stolen.

🤓  Website design service List of free online courses ✅

Website design service List of free online courses, Advertising companies services in Turkey: List of free online courses  Advertising companies in List of free online courses  Turkey are distinguished by many points, the most important of which are the following:

Design sites that comply with various search engines and archiving rules List of free online courses

Make a copy for the websites of various mobile devices List of free online courses

Coordinating the website interface that is designed in line with the website’s activity and is related to various promotional publications

We are working to create a special control panel to manage all website content, including pages, sections and lists, without the need for previous experience in website design and programming List of free online courses

On building website pages compatible with search engines List of free online courses

To provide support services with customers on the site, in addition to an endless number of official emails for the site

Also, unlike many companies in designing websites, our company focuses only on the appearance of your company’s website in the web, and this is aimed at the web designers of our company, and therefore the web design services in our company are uniquely and by targeting the audience you are looking for in Website and commercial activity, and this matter enables you to find a distinguished site in various design and content works, and our team is distinguished by providing you with these services in a ready-made electronic form, and we also provide you with a large team of professional website designers who provide these services easily.

🙂  Website design service List of free online courses 🥇

Website design service List of free online courses, Watch also…. Professional website design.

🙂  Self-employment areas || programming Free certificate courses Graphic design 🥇

Free certificate courses  : Self-employment areas have many advantages, the most  Free certificate courses important of which is that it does not limit your long-term obligations, and you can control your work hours, and a person can serve many clients and often you can work from home or from the place of your choice and meet with clients only when needed. Free certificate courses

Self-employment areas Free certificate courses

🤓  1- Programming Free certificate courses ✅

The field of programming is a world full of magic, creativity and innovation, through which an idea can be transformed into an innovative model or project, and it is one of the areas of freelance work that helps profit to its owner. Free certificate courses

In recent years we have all found the demand for programmers to be tremendous, especially in the Arab region. The demand for programmers has also increased due to the growth and prosperity of web and mobile applications. Free certificate courses

For people who have no idea about programming, the simple definition of programming is the science and technology, through which platforms, programs, applications and interfaces can be created to solve problems, display data, or complete certain tasks.

The programming process is completed by creating a file that contains smart code to define the shape and characteristics of the project. There are many languages ​​for programming, each with a specific specialization. Free certificate courses

Website design (programmatically controlling all visual content on a website).

Website development (programming can build website functionality, features and functionality). Free certificate courses

Smart phone application development (programming to build smart phone applications).

Programming Free certificate courses

The fields of self-employment, the fields of freelance, programming, the fields of freelance work on the Internet

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🔥  2- Graphic Design Free certificate courses 🤑

«A picture is worth a thousand words» This sentence is 100% correct, and the importance of graphic design comes from this that the digital world today, and images have become very important elements, and graphic designers have become one of the most important independents.

There are also several specializations in graphic design, including logo design, 3D design and infographic graphics. Free certificate courses

A graphic designer needs technology and creativity to produce good design work so that clients are satisfied, graphic design is a special type of freelance business because it follows the standards of beauty and taste, and has the ability to creatively present and illustrate ideas to achieve the desired goals.

3- Writing Free certificate courses

Due to the prosperity and development of Arab websites and their wide spread, the field of writing is one of the areas of freelance work that has witnessed tremendous  Free certificate courses development in our Arab region recently, on the other hand, the electronic news industry has played a role in the growth of writing in the form of freelance work. Free certificate courses

Freelance work in the field of writing requires an educated, readable person who is very knowledgeable and always in pursuit of knowledge. Free certificate courses

There are many sub-categories in the field of writing, and the classification here does not depend on the nature of tasks such as design and programming, but rather on the nature of the field in which you write, as the field of self-employment has many disciplines such as medical writing, technology, health and beauty, politics, literature and others.

Self-employment areas || Programming Free certificate courses

Business fields are Freelance, Programming, Internet business fields

4- Translation

Translation is one of the most famous fields of self-employment, and translation is one of the fields that maintains a good level of demand in the Arab countries, and translation here depends on the translation language, the language and the subject of the translation, and there are translations in the medical field and others in the technical field … and others.

Although many programs and services have been developed to complete translation, such as Google Translate, human translation is special and cannot be replaced because it depends on understanding concepts and taking into account cultural differences … and others.

✨  5- Electronic Marketing Free certificate courses 💥


E-marketing is one of the very good areas in self-employment, Free certificate courses  and it has spread widely in the recent period, and as it continues to thrive and grow, e-marketing is one of the areas that is expected to continue to flourish in the future due to commercial entities and increased awareness of the importance of internet marketing. Free certificate courses.

🙂  Infographic Icons || A better way to choose infographic design sites Accredited short courses online 🥇

Accredited short courses online  : Infographic icons are images and graphics that express Accredited short courses online information and data in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, as it integrates appropriate graphics to display specific information, text and data, so it is called visualizing data or visual information, where the text information is displayed on the screen in the form of a visual image. Accredited short courses online


🤓  Accredited short courses online  What is the Infographic Icons: ✅


Accredited short courses online . The design of infographic icons helps to add an interesting and exciting way to display information and data, thus simplifying the complex  Accredited short courses online  information that people want to display, and information art helps to try to provide a new image with its different designs with a form to collect and display information or send data to readers in the form of attractive images.

Infographic Icons || A better way to choose infographic design sites Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online There are two types of infographic icons, one of them is a static graphic, which is an image used to describe specific content, Accredited short courses online such as an image for advertising for printing and distribution purposes, or for displaying specific information, or statistical data in the form of a data image. Accredited short courses online

The other type of infographic animation icons, Accredited short courses online  i.e. displaying video clips or animations, is an interesting way to display information and data in interactive video images in a creative and beautiful way, where the graphic designer, skills, imagination and creativity can display. Accredited short courses online

🔥 Accredited short courses online What are the advantages of filling online? 🤑

A better way to choose infographic design sites, infographic icons: Accredited short courses online

You rely on a bunch of jobs and on the website to create infographic icons, especially if you are not a professional designer. Accredited short courses online

I have made sure that most of the features that can be used in all infographic icon design sites that you can find in this article, so I will introduce some distinctive capabilities: Accredited short courses online

There are many types of templates: There should be many templates on the website that can be applied to all types of infographics in order to get inspiration and start designing quickly. Accredited short courses online

Icons: There is a large number of icons on the site, and the colors can be modified according to your design. Accredited short courses online

Fonts: The site must contain a large number of appropriate fonts for Arabic and English, and it also allows you to add your own fonts.

Free images: The site must have a large picture library through which it can be used for commercial or educational purposes without any problems or property rights, and it can be used in any content you need.

The ability to modify graphs: The website should have different types of charts, and you can easily edit and enter the required data.

Various data maps: Infographic icon design sites should include infographic mapping functionality, but it is clear that there is no such function on many free sites.

Different shapes and frames: The site should include multiple tools and backgrounds to make your design more beautiful.

The ability to change colors: Infographic icons mainly focus on shape and color, so you must have the ability to adjust the color of any element in the infographic without affecting the entire design.

Animation: Some infographic sites allow you to create animations and add simple animations that can be extracted as GIFs or presentations.

Infographic Icons || A better way to choose infographic design sites

Infographic Icons

The best websites for designing infographic icons Accredited short courses online


✨ Canva is one of the best sites to help you design infographics suitable for all purposes and offer many possibilities for free Accredited short courses online 💥

Venngage is a distinguished site in the field of designing infographic icons, and you notice that major companies and institutions around the world are using it, such as (Forbes University – Harvard University – Google) and many other companies.  Accredited short courses online

Ly: This site is featured in infographic and is needed by all digital content makers, if you have a blog or work in social media or education, this site will help you. Accredited short courses online

At the end of the article, you can choose your site from these sites, but you must know that they are all just tools, and the most important thing is the idea as well as the information that will be displayed in different designs for you.