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😂 Balance Sheet Publishing on the Internet Online Certificate Programs 🥇

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs  : The most economical solution for publishing Balance Sheets is now posting the balance sheet on the internet, as the cost of publishing in the newspaper is high. It is easier to publish via the internet as well as access it from anyone interested.

✅  Publication of Balance Sheet SA and Ltd. on the Internet Online Certificate Programs 🙂

According to law 4072 FEK (Α / 86 / 11-4-2021) the obligation to publish balance sheets in financial and political newspapers has been  abolished  and so now the balance sheets of LTD and SA companies can be posted on their website.

SA and Ltd. who have made a self-inventory and have submitted their supporting documents to the G.E.M.I.  of B.E.A, now have as their Register the G.E.M.I.  Thus, they have the right to publish their balance sheets on their website, nevertheless, the publication in the Official Gazette is still mandatory.

The companies  must have declared their website (web site) in  G.E.M.I.  during its inventory, otherwise they must request the registration with an application to the G.E.M.I. (with a fee of 10 €).

You can download the relevant  Website Registration Application at G.E.M.I. for Ltd. and SA

Companies should be aware that  every time they publish a balance sheet on their website, they must notify G.E.M.I.

It is clarified that there should be a separate website of the company and not of the representative, shareholder etc of the company.

You can register your  domain and with a web hosting package , upload your Balance Sheet on the internet! We can help you by providing you with a ready-made website that will include your company details and a link to the file that contains your balance sheet.

So publish your balance sheet online today with less than € 65 per year on dnHost.

🤑  Twitter User Guide: Hastags, Mentions, Retweets etc. 🤓

I have talked to many people about using  Twitter . I often hear the same questions about Twitter and see many common mistakes made when using it. Today’s post covers the main features of Twitter and how to use these features effectively .

Let’s look at Twitter as a natural extension of a person. If, for example, you are going to an event, how will you behave? First, you will find people discussing topics that interest you. Then you will listen to their conversations and then you will join the conversation. In this example, there are two main components of conversation:

🔥 The topic  of discussion Online Certificate Programs the people involved 💥

Twitter allows you to highlight these two elements through their interface, with the hashtag / tag (#) and the reference symbol (@):

# topic

@ people

To explain the use of hashtags a bit more simply , it is a way of marking and finding topics on Twitter that interest everyone, while they are also a form of meta information.

When we create a Tweet , we use  a hashtag (#)  before the subject of our tweet. The (@) symbol is used before the twitter username (individuals, organizations, companies, etc.). @ Is only used before a Twitter username. A hashtag should never be used before a Twitter username.

When we use # or @, then we convert the next word into a link. In the case of the hashtag, we can click on the word after the hashtag to see what others are saying on Twitter about the same topic. For the symbol (@), if we click on the word after @ to find out more about that person, organization or company.