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🙂 Blogger || How to create a blog on Blogger Online Certificate Programs 🥇

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs : Description of the most important blog options on Blogger. Online Certificate Programs Blogger Blogger is a multi-user blogging service with timestamp entries, it is one of the most effective blog posts in general, these blogs are hosted by Google and it is located in the sub-domain of, each account can contain approximately one hundred blogs.

🤓  Online Certificate Programs || How to create a blog on Blogger ✅

First, Online Certificate Programs  choose an appropriate name for the blog, and it may be the name closest to the domain of your blog, and at some time it may be your personal name, but if you find that the name is reserved, you should not add any random number after the name to get a usable name! Online Certificate Programs

When creating a blog on blogger blog link should be like, you can buy domain name later to remove from blog name.

Then the serious work begins, and we learn how to check the availability of the blog name, and we will talk about the blog domain for example, if you want to keep the blog name like our site. Online Certificate Programs

After that, Online Certificate Programs click «Create your blog», and here you must log in to Google with the Gmail account or the phone number associated with your e-mail, then enter the data and password and then press the password. Online Certificate Programs

The next step is to choose the blog title (shown on the main and internal pages of the blog), which is different from the blog name. Online Certificate Programs

Congratulations! With this, you have created your first blog, Online Certificate Programs but your rode, it is empty and you need your creativity and your writing to make it reflect what you want from it, and here we see the main screen Online Certificate Programs of the blog control panel.

In the end, you have created your first blog, but your blog is empty. You need your Online Certificate Programs creativity and writing to make it express you and your ideas, and here appears the main Online Certificate Programs screen of your blog’s control panel.

If you click «View Blog» below the blog name in the upper right corner, you can see the new blog site, which helps you to edit the blog design before publishing the blog.

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🤑  Online Certificate Programs Description of the top blogging options on Blogger 🔥

Online Certificate Programs  We will explain how to use the options in the control panel on Blogger, as follows:


Online Certificate Programs This tag allows you to make posts on your blog, that is, write and share posts and articles and from here you will spend almost all Online Certificate Programs  of your time, because everything is created here.

✨  Online Certificate Programs  statistics: 💥

Of course it is not the Online Certificate Programs same as Google Analytics, but it provides you with statistics about blog visitors, traffic sources, systems used and browsers, and more than other content and you receive more visits.


If there are Online Certificate Programs  comments on your blog, you can easily follow them and respond to them or you can delete them if the comment is inappropriate.

🔥  Online Certificate Programs Profit: 😂

You know that it is important to know Online Certificate Programs  the sources of profit on the Internet, which is through ads on your website, and that Google has the largest ad network on the site through AdSense, and if you have a large number of visitors on the blog, then you can consider placing ads in Specific places to get «profit», and this screen allows you to manage the blogging process.

Free Johns Hopkins University Online Tracking Course with Free Certificates

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Free course at John Hopkins University online for free

Circle of Opportunities brings a great opportunity for a free online course for John Hopkins University on contact tracing with free degrees during an outbreak.

During this period of an outbreak, everyone can play their part to maximize the chance of disease suppression, starting with social distancing and ending with tracking tracing.Every individual can play a vital role in breaking the chain of infection either by maintaining distance or by identifying the case and taking action in it. Time. You don’t have to be a doctor or medic to save lives; You can also play your role to save your community from the outbreak of the pandemic.

During an outbreak, it is essential to trace contact across countries, but this requires thousands of skilled people to adapt and act according to the situation. For this reason, people need to learn new skills quickly. Call tracking requirements vary from country to country and even within a country. Some jobs are offered to individuals who have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

To work around this problem, this course was designed. This Johns Hopkins University Online Course is completely basic and introductory; It will help students to understand the basic concept of SARS CoV-2, its incubation period, infection infection, clinical presentation, and modes of transmission. Finally, how can trace research act as an intervention?

In this course, students will be able to understand how contact tracing is performed, how to report a case, and learn about their contacts and stop sending between the community. This course is not limited to that, as it will teach students the ethical aspect, as it plans, such as traceability, isolation, and quarantine. So do not waste more valuable time and register for this of course to be a responsible citizen in the community to play your role and save your community and your community from this disease.

Here are other details about Johns Hopkins University online course