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😂  List of free online courses  Change your username 🔥

List of free online courses

List of free online courses  : If you have left admin  it is dangerous, while if you change it to something random (eg dbet5rf2f3d) you will be protected from many malicious attacks.

The change is made from the menu » User Manager » ->  click on your  Username ->  Change the Username  to something else and click Save .

Similarly, the password  should be a random combination of numbers, characters and symbols, at least 8 digits, eg & R!% 8354d7 @ j and in no case something easy.

🥇 🙂, but your FTP password must be just as strong, eg oS * V9n969 $ Wf [/ notice] List of free online courses  ✅

List of free online courses  Change the default table prefix of Joomla’s MySQL

If you have Joomla 1.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x , changing the  default prefix  to the MySQL name will help against any attacks on your site.

[important] From version 1.7 onwards, Joomla generates a random prefix in the  database name, so you

are covered . -> » Global Configuration » —-> » Server » —–> » Database Settings » —-> change the prefix to » Database Tables Prefix» .

Otherwise , from the Domain File Manager in your Plesk —-> open the  configuration.php file —->   change the line  var $ dbprefix = ‘value’ to e.g. var $ dbprefix = ‘jos_’

🤑   List of free online courses  Protect your admin with a password 🤓

Additionally, you can enter your Username and Password in the admin area (you will need to log in twice) before the login screen appears in your Joomla Admin.

From your Plesk click on your domain —-> Files ->  File Manager —->  Password Protected Directories —-> click on “ Add Protected Directory ” —–> enter the name of the folder you want to password protect (e.g. / administrator) —-> click on the folder name —–> click on “ Add new user ” and enter the Username and Password you want.

This way, even if someone knows the login information in your admin, they will not even be able to access your Joomla admin environment.

[notice] If after these password protection actions some add-ons / plug-ins / componets of your Joomla do not work properly, remove the plugin / component  or disable the password protection that you made in your admin. [/ notice]

[important] A very good application that can help you for this purpose is Secure Authentication. With this plugin you can hide the login area from uninvited visitors and hackers. [/ Important]

🔥  List of free online courses Correct permissions in Joomla files 🔥

The permissions of the ( PHP and non-PHP ) files must be 644 , the  Config files must be at 666  and all other  folders at 755 . Files and folders should have  777 permissions only when a  script requires write permissions  on the file or folder. On the dnHost servers we have taken care of the hassle-free use and safe installation of Joomla.

🔥  List of free online courses  Host it on a secure and reliable host. 🔥

It is very important that the hosting provider adheres to  strong security measures on  its servers but also to be able to provide you with immediate  backup , if you need it. At dnhost we have reduced the  security  to a much higher level than usual in the hosting market and we provide backup up to 2 weeks back.

We also provide Joomla pre-installed (which means you do not have to upload all the files to the server and make all those moves to install it, but it is ready to use with 2 clicks and the completion of a few items).