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🥇 10 New TLDs: auto car security theatre wine etc List of free online courses 🙂

List of free online courses

List of free online courses :  The first 10 new TLDs for 2016 are here and speak directly to those related to the  car  (.auto, .car, .cars),  wine  (.vin, .win),  security  (.security, .protection), the  relations  (.family, .world) and art  (.theatre). Below you will find all the new tlds that will help you build a strong domain  for your business.

🤓  List of free online courses .FAMILY ✅

Use it to create an online network to support the families you belong to, whether it is a corporate family, a charity or a family of loved ones and friends.


A TLD for the car industry that can be used by individual salespeople, dealers, or magazine editors, car enthusiasts and bloggers.

List of free online courses .CAR

For dealers, freelancers, engineers, accessory stores, racetracks, or those who  write about cars on a site, as well as to promote new energy solutions in the automotive industry.


For car appraisers, dealers, dealers, engineers, industry magazines, accessories retailers, blogs and any other companies, groups or individuals involved in the automotive industry.


Ideal for all types of protection, eg: protection materials, insurance plans for protection of property, health and life and services of physical, physical protection and guarding (security).


It fits any individual, team or business, making it a flexible and unique TLD for the security and protection industry, thus increasing networking, site traffic as well as customer relationships.

🔥 THEATRE List of free online courses 🤑

Suitable for any troupe, company, theater or business that provides services to the theater industry, but also by critics, publications and bloggers who write about theater and its developments.


An address for international relations companies, international charities and multinational companies wishing to connect to a global network of users.


It is the perfect TLD for the wine industry because it creates a recognizable and relevant field of names for better networking and marketing of distributors, vineyards, wine shops and bloggers focusing on tips and comments.


It is intended to function as a virtual center for the wine world and is ideal for winemakers, vineyards, tasters and wine lovers, collectors, bloggers, magazines, glassmakers and wine bars.

💥 World Safer Internet Day with Safer Hosting! ✨   

We celebrate Safer Internet Day  by launching a new service Protection in the Hosting !

For the 13th consecutive year, the World Safer Internet Day is being celebrated today , giving great importance to the contribution of all of us  with the slogan: » Take action for a better internet!». The initiative calls on educators and stakeholders to contribute to the dissemination of the purpose of World Safer Internet Day.

The purpose of the event is not only to promote safe internet and ways to avoid unwanted situations but also to create a safer internet for all of us around the world.

The national representative of Greece who undertakes the event in our country is the action  (where you will find a number of useful guides for the safe use of the internet ) and the site of the World Safer Day is

DNHOST contributes to  World Safe Browsing Day by launching a new web security and protection service, in the Web Hosting package : SafeHost

As you know, every day thousands of websites around the world fall victim to hacking and malicious exploitation by hackers or malware.

About 1/3 of all websites on the internet run on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, of which 8 out of 10 run an older version of their CMS, leaving them with significant security vulnerabilities and being exposed to malicious attacks.

🔥  A successful breach of a website can result List of free online courses in: 😂

sending spam or emails with malware / viruses or misleading content

infecting the computers of website visitors with viruses

uploading misleading websites (phishing, eg fake bank site) to intercept visitors’ personal data

breach and infection or attack ddos ​​against other sites and networks etc

obtaining unauthorized access to the server for the purpose of data theft / alteration / deletion

The  SafeHost  consists of two tools:

the  SafeNet  protects around every server, blocking suspicious or malicious actions of our network.

the SafeSite detecting vulnerabilities in web applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) and covers their security flaws.

So let’s see in detail all the functions of SafeHost .

🔥  Let’s start with SafeNet List of free online courses : 🔥

Filters visits from suspicious IPs using a large database of dangerous IPs.

It sets traps for port scans, web application scans or high volume requests and blocks suspicious IP addresses.

Analyzes server logs to detect and cut vulnerabilities for malicious bots.

Controls incoming / outgoing requests to immediately detect and terminate any connection to Botnets & Hacked servers

Detects and stops ddos ​​attacks at the web application level, which are quite difficult to deal with.


🔥 We continue with SafeSite List of free online courses: 🔥

Detects applications that are not in the latest version and informs the customer and DNHOST

Detects existing vulnerabilities in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc and fills their security vulnerabilities *.

On websites that have already been compromised, it detects any uploaded malware and isolates them automatically.

* without the intervention of the client and ensuring that the application will continue to operate normally.

So for the first time in Greece, we can provide a comprehensive service of secure web hosting and constantly protect the owners and visitors of the websites we host, from risks such as: infection of PC with viruses / spyware etc, sending spam / viruses via e-mail, internet fraud and interception of personal data / credit cards!

The service will start to be provided gradually to all our shared hosting servers in the coming days.

Because the road to Secure Internet also goes through Secure Web Hosting !