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🥇 Our thoughts on .el List of free online courses 🙂

List of free online courses

List of free online courses  : In the relevant consultation that preceded EETT’s decision to activate .el, DNHOST had sent in writing  to EETT the reservations  (due to the already quite low adoption of .gr domains with Greek characters) and our proposals .

It is self-evident that it is difficult and dissuasive for the user to have to change the language on his keyboard to write a domain name consisting of Latin and Greek characters. [type name in Greek] + [change keyboard language to English] + [ending type .gr] or:

[type name in Latin] + [change keyboard language in Greek] + [type suffix .el]

We would like the new suffix (.el) to have a specific purpose and usability , for example it is intended exclusively for names with Greek characters.

So, before activating .el we proposed the implementation of the following changes:

a) all domains with Greek characters, from now on to be registered only under the suffix .el and to stop their registration in the .gr domain.

b) therefore, those domains consisting of Latin characters, to be registered  only in the .gr domain

c) the  already registered .gr names with Greek characters to be activated in .el and gradually (eg at their next expiration) to stop working in .gr

Unfortunately, our proposal was not accepted by EETT and the activation of the new ending will be done with the (dysfunctional according to us) operating model provided in the new regulation.

🤓  List of free online courses  el in search engines & browsers ✅

The way browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc.) and search engines will treat .el domains, we do not expect to differ from other  IDN TLDs and IDN domains , such as  .бг  ( bg ,  Bulgaria ). The  Googlebot reasonably can detect and to register without problems, so they can be used to search the google.

Google generally treats the Punycode version of a hostname as equivalent to the non-coded version, so you do not need to redirect or normalize them separately. For the rest of the URL, use UTF-8 for the path and query-string in the URL when using non-ASCII characters.

You can learn more about how Google handles Top Level Domains (TLDs) .

🤑 Name protection with .el domain List of free online courses registration 🔥 💥  

From tomorrow, .gr domain owners can protect their name by registering the corresponding or homologous .el domain , normally following the already known and simple domain registration process. Do not forget that the details of the owner of your new .el should be the same as the .gr that you already have registered.

If you have any questions we will be happy to help you, just leave your comment below or contact us .

✨  Take part in the .EU Web Awards  List of free online courses 🔥

The .EU Web Awards 2018 is a fact!

Do you have a website with .eu domain and want to promote it for free at a pan-European level? Then you must register for the .eu web awards 2018  until August 1, 2018 !

The .eu web awards is the annual competition of EURID (the register of eu domains) that is organized in order to distinguish and reward the best websites ending in eu, in 5 different categories.

⭐ The 5 competing categories List of free online courses ⌚

The Leaders : Websites & eshops with more than 10 employees.

The Rising Stars : Start-ups (up to 3 years of operation) with 1 to 10 employees.

The Laurels: Education, charity, promotion of European ideal etc.

The HOUSE of .eu : Media, entertainment, media, advertising, Blogs.

The Better World : Ecology, solutions / suggestions for the environment, smart agriculture etc.

The process and the emergence of winners

Apply for the eu web awards 2018  until August 1, 2018 and confirm your details in order for your site to be published in the nominations, where it can be voted by the public.

The 3 candidates from each category who receive the most votes will be published on 5 September on, and The announcement of the final winners (1st in each category) will be announced on November 21, 2018  at the .eu Web Awards Gala.