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🙂 Free training certificates From Frankenfood to Glamping: Oh my God! They are new words from the past decade 🥇

Free training certificates

Free training certificates  : The English language is constantly changing, Free training certificates but especially over the past ten years. Thanks to the rise of the Internet, social media and smartphones, the English language has a whole Free training certificates host of new words that have emerged as a result of these new technological phenomena. We’ll take a look at some of the latest buzzwords. Look for the words “blended” which is the new word that arose from Free training certificates the fusion of two existing words – many modern new words originated this way.

✅  Pop-up – this word has two Free training certificates new meanings in the Free training certificates modern era. 🤓

Anyone who uses the Internet will know pop-ups as annoying advertising windows that ‘pop up’ in the corner of the screen when browsing the Internet. It also describes the whole new shopping phenomenon. Pop-up shops are stores that ‘pop up’ only for a short period of time, often in malls, deserted markets, and pop-up store areas specially designed for this. They are Free training certificates often boutiques selling unique, locally produced items, from artwork to clothing, food and drink to books.

Hoodie – The word hoodie appeared Free training certificates years ago as a name for a hoodie or sweatshirt. But over the past decade, the term has also begun to be applied to the kind of people who wear these clothes. In the United Kingdom this usually means teenagers, but this term is often used scornfully to describe gangs of young men who love to hang around the streets and make Free training certificates trouble.

🤑 Yogalates- Two forms of exercise that Free training certificates have Free training certificates increased in popularity over the past decade are yoga and Pilates.  🔥

While aerobic exercise in the 1980s and 1990s was all about aerobics, people in the 2000s took up these two forms of exercise in order to get fit, and they were both popular with celebrities. Yogalates is the new term for exercise that is a mixture of both, and it reflects this.

Google – We all know Google as the name of Free training certificates the most popular internet search engine on the planet, but over the past decade the use of the word has changed. It is no longer just a name for the search engine itself, it is now an act of searching for something on Google. Don’t you remember the name of an actor in a movie you watch? Or in what year did Italy win the World Cup? Free training certificates It’s time to google it (looking for it in google).

Free training certificates GM food is a relatively recent scientific breakthrough and has generated much debate. This new word for genetically modified Free training certificates food reflects the concerns of people who are concerned about the implications of genetic tampering with food – and the word is a mixture of «food» and «Frankenstein»!

Noob or newb – This is one of the many new words from the past decade that have appeared thanks to the Internet. You will often see a noob, Free training certificates newb, or newbie in online forums and comments when people refer to someone who is inexperienced in a particular field or activity, especially computing or internet use.

✨ OMG (Oh my God) – If you’ve Free training certificates ever used the internet you’ll no doubt have come across this recently invented acronym. I 💥

t means «Oh my god!» Or ‘Oh my goodness!’ As well as being used a lot on the Internet, you now hear people say it in Free training certificates everyday conversation as well.

Glamping- This word is a mixture of two words that I might not think would go together and they are glamorous and camping. It is driven in part by Free training certificates music festivals attended by celebrities such as Glastonbury in the UK. Glamping now applies to more luxurious forms of camping that have gained popularity in recent years, such as camping in tents.

What new words have you Free training certificates noticed emerging recently? We’d love to hear your favorite words – or new words you can’t stand, in the comments below!