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🥇 Example of a business model diagram Free training certificates 🙂

Free training certificates

Free training certificates : One of the most prominent business leadership Free training certificates projects in the UAE, a platform company and cream , from its beginnings in 2012 until its acquisition in 2018 by Ober, developed and modified their business model several times, to take a look at their current model:

✅  Example of a business model diagram Free training certificates 🤓

The example of the commercial plan of Karim Jaid to illustrate how the Free training certificates plan is filled out, general points with some details in some of the elements, but overall it is sufficient to explain the principle of work, the added value provided by the project, and how the company intends to implement the plan necessary to operate the project effectively.

Let’s look at the topic on the other hand now, which is how a business model diagram makes it easy to adopt small and large updates to your business model. Let’s start from the main point in the business model diagram for Karim in its current form, which is the added value:

🔥  Providing customized vehicle reservation service to the Middle East market. Free training certificates 🤑

Provide convenient payment methods, and save time.

The partners – the Captain – have what Careem calls it, an additional income opportunity.

Last year another added value column was to provide the option to order from restaurants and stores to customers.

The captain and the store or restaurant have an opportunity for additional income and more promotion for them.

We can see, for example, when adding the option to order from restaurants and stores, there will be a need to amend the rest of the main elements in the business model diagram for Karim in order to fit the new addition, starting with the customer segments where two new segments have been added:

Individuals who want to buy food or commodities.

Restaurants and stores.

And adding a new entity for partnerships, and a source of revenue as well, in addition to the need now to amend the details of channels, activities and key resources. 

Careem now has a clear envision of the way they need to work on providing and communicating the value proposition to its customers effectively. 

Business plan template templates Free training certificates

Download the business model diagram PDF

✨   We offer you an Arabic revised version of the business plan template, to make it easy for you to fill out the template and use it with ease. Free training certificates 💥

The amount of methods that the planner allows you to implement is large, for example, with which you can initially understand the path your project is taking, and how much and what type of resources and partnerships you need.

Let us consider the example of Talabat application. In the case of Talabat application , income channels are:

Percentage of orders with partner restaurants and stores made via the app.

Special announcements by partners on the first page, or at the top of the in-app search menu.

Special product purchases from Talabat store itself.

So we can see that the team responsible for developing requests if they clearly place these points in the business model diagram, will be able to initially estimate the resources, partnerships, and relationships they need to well activate the mentioned income channels, and thus one of the first simpler applications of the business model diagram is to draw Strategy .

Another example and this time something closer to you, were you building a business model diagram and thinking how to reach your customers?