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🥇 Content optimized to answer the researcher’s questions List of free online courses 🙂

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : It should contain List of free online courses

 keywords that are compatible with the content in general.

Avoid stuffing keywords within the content, List of free online courses

🤓  Keep writing in a transparent color. This is a wrong practice List of free online courses ✅

You can also use the video to get a higher rating, List of free online courses.

Read more about content creation in this article, List of free online courses.

Sixth: Technical SEO

Technical improvement, as I mentioned in the previous section, List of free online courses

 is very important. It

is not only a requirement of SEO,

but rather an important factor in the ranking of search engines.

Learn about technical improvement in this article.

Seventh: the user experience

As I mentioned in the second point of SEO factors that Google wants to provide the user with an unparalleled experience!

You should also optimize your site for search engines to provide a good user experience.

Google has been using artificial intelligence for a while to improve the ranking of web pages.

🔥  This includes signals that affect your search engine ranking, including List of free online courses :  🤑

CTR: The percentage of people who click to visit your site after it appears in search results

Bounce rate: The number of people who click on your page and quickly return to the search results page

Dewll time: The length of time visitors spend List of free online courses

 on your site after they arrive

If people enter your site via search results and don’t like it and bounce away,

Google will think that your site is not suitable for their needs!

For Google, this is sufficient evidence that the content of your page is poor or of religious value,

so you will find it more difficult to get a ranking at the top of the search results.

This is likely an indication and clue that your content does not match the intent of the researcher.

My advice to you if your bounce rate is high then

edit the content or target a more appropriate keyword.

On the other hand, if the bounce rate is low and the dwell rate

is high, then you are on the right track! Follow your path.

Eighth: Links

I have always mentioned the importance of links in my articles and their impact on SEO, as links are an important ranking signal for SEO, and there are three types of links to consider:

Inbound links ( backlinks )

Outbound links

Internal links

Usually these links are inside what is called anchor text

personally, I prefer to call it the appearing text of the link.

Incoming links

As for Google, it relies on inbound links (backlinks) to determine the authority of this site and

its reliability, and most SEO experts believe that backlinks are one of the most important factors for ranking.

✨ I think you heard that, but it is okay to repeat it List of free online courses : 💥

“If you want to improve the ranking of the site in the search engines, you need a lot of reliable backlinks.”

Profile picture for Backlinks article


Learn more about backlinks in this article

Outbound links

In order to show your visitors the quality of your content, you must launch links from reliable external sources that are relevant to the topics you create, but «don’t increase.»


🔥 All you have to do is to use reliable sources with high List of free online courses domain authority. 😂

Internal links

They are the links between the pages of your site.

This link to your content helps both Google and your visitors to understand and discover the site and navigate between its pages, which gives more value to your pages while creating new content. Make sure to create a strong network of internal links so that your pages can support each other. Link your new pages or posts to your cornerstone content or your primary content List of free online courses to find out what is the cornerstone content. You can use this dedicated article.