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🥇 Accredited short courses online There are three levels of relationships via LinkedIn: 🙂

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : 1st Accredited short courses online Connection First Class are really your friends and followers. 2nd Connection is the second class, and they are mutual friends.  3rd Connection Third Class and they are friends of your second class.

One of the most beautiful features of LinkedIn is that it enables you to communicate with any employee in any company you dream of working for, so I advise you to choose the entities that you will add or follow, such as recruitment officials, human resources, or the direct manager of a specific department in a particular company that you want to apply for.

Don’t  Accredited short courses online be fooled by the numbers of friends and followers! Connect with people who have your same interests, and with whom you can share experience and knowledge, even if there are only a few.

And remember, not everything that you post on communication sites such as Facebook and Twitter is suitable for LinkedIn, remember that LinkedIn is a professional communication site!

🤓  LinkedIn Jobs Accredited short courses online ✅


LinkedIn provides a nice feature for companies and individuals regarding jobs, as the company can post a job for free through its page so that job seekers can apply for it through the Jobs feature, which has the bag logo.

Once you click on the Jobs bag sign, the following window will appear:

LinkedIn Jobs

Post a free job, which is a free feature for companies or people who have a job vacancy to post on LinkedIn.

Simple free resume job service.

For the most frequently asked questions in the interviews with suggested answers.

Salaries per position and rate of salaries per job title (not yet implemented in all countries)

Job alerts related to your industry.

The latest job developments and statuses that you have applied for.

Job search box by name or country.

To search for jobs published on LinkedIn from companies, from the search box choose the site that you want to search, where you can search by typing any keyword, but the best is by city or country in order for the results to appear in order.

After choosing Jordan, Amman, for example, the following window will appear, and it contains a list of jobs based on skills and your professional experience (we exclude from them the jobs with the word Promoted (which means that companies have funded this job to find the right person).

🔥 How to search for jobs on LinkedIn Accredited short courses online 🤑


You can also arrange and filter the results according to several characteristics such as:

The date the job was posted

Most Recent

Most Relevant

Other ways to search for jobs

Since LinkedIn is a professional communication site, there are many ways to find a job or search for a suitable job, one of these methods is to follow the groups and pages that publish jobs in each country, for example the group that you created “ Vacancies in Jordan ” We only post jobs to those who Looking for work in Jordan.

Follow up with HR and recruiters posting jobs on their profile.

If you are interested in working in a specific company, contact the human resources official, recruitment or manager in this company and tell them your skills in a short message and ask if there are any current or future vacancies that suit you in the company.

Publish on your personal page that you are looking for a job and you have specific experiences and skills in a specific field for people to interact with and reach the largest possible number.

Personally, I do not think publishing your CV on other people’s pages is useful or valuable, but rather it is more beneficial for the account holder, to gain interaction and increase followers and visitors to his personal page.

✨  What Accredited short courses online  is LinkedIn Premium? 💥

We have always noticed that people’s pages appear next to their name with a golden linkedin icon, and this means that this person has subscribed to the premium paid LinkedIn service, which has several benefits:

You can see who visited your LinkedIn page in detail during the last 90 days

Get courses from LinkedIn

Get free Linkedin learning courses and lessons

It also allows you to communicate via message directly with the recruiter who posted a job on LinkedIn. Accredited short courses online

Linkedin Premium benefits

Viewing job details published on LinkedIn and the required skills, making a comparison between you and the applicants in terms of scientific and professional terms, and your ranking among the applicants in terms of priority for looking at your request from the company

In addition to viewing the statistics of the companies’ pages, an overview of growth and employees, and some useful and beautiful analyzes and numbers.

In the end, there are several types of subscriptions to the Premium service, whether for individuals, companies or recruiters, and for each category there are many advantages.


Do not expect to be bombarded by interviews and job offers in a short period, or to gain thousands of followers with ease, you must work hard, smart and professionally on LinkedIn.

Your personal page on LinkedIn is your encounter in front of companies, recruiters and managers, so try to select what you post and talk about, maintain the elegance of talking to everyone, and update your data first.

Try to be a useful person on LinkedIn, share your experiences and advice with people in your field, post topics or articles of interest, do not turn LinkedIn into an entertainment site or general topics that are not professional through posts or absurd stories.

In the end, I hope that you have contributed and helped anyone understand the principle of LinkedIn work and its secrets.

At any time, you can download this book from here , and if you want to know more about LinkedIn, you can read this article about marketing methods on LinkedIn .