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🙂 How to create a free site on Google Sites Online Certificate Programs 🥇

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Google Site is one of the products of the giant Google, and since Google is one of the largest libraries for indexing websites as a search engine , you always find it encouraging individuals and companies to get a website in the simplest and cheapest way.

✅  There Online Certificate Programs are three methods that Google provides to create a website:  ⌚

Create blogs with Blogger

Making a simple website with my GMB business

Finally using Google site

To help Arabic speakers, we will take a trip to learn about Google Sites in Arabic, and explain how to use Google Site to create a website on Google through this guide, which contains all of the following:

Google Site Explained

How to create a free site on Google Sites

Google site features

common questions

Google Site Explained

Google Site Arabic is a free platform for creating and publishing web pages.

He created Google Sight Joe Kraus in 2006 and it was called Jotspot at the time, before Google acquired it and annexed it in the same year, and after two years of development and annexation of the service, Google launched the classic Google Site to create websites for free in 2008.

🤑  Image to illustrate the Google Site update Online Certificate Programs 🤓

In 2016, Google updated the classic Google Site and converted it to the tool in its current form called Google Sites or Google Site Modern.

As for the way Google Site works, it is very simple, you can create a website through the drag and drop feature easily without the need for help from a designer, programmer, or company to develop and build websites.

Create a site on Google Site Explain Google Site

And when you create a new website, it is automatically added to your Drive , just like other files stored in the drive for your Google account , you can modify your site and see the results directly or share the site with another person to help you with the modification and design at the same time.

How to create a free site on Google Sites

Are you excited to create your first website using Google Site? As for me I’m really excited, let’s go!

Before starting the steps for creating a free website on Google, make sure that you have an active Google account. If you do not have it, create a new account on Google to be able to log in and use Google website.

Time required:  15 minutes.

Steps to create a free website on Google

Go to the Google website

Go to   in your web browser ( Chrome or Mozila Firefox ), this will open the Google Sites page.

* I advise you to use the English language for the account, to get all the features of Google Site.

✨ Go to the Google website page Online Certificate Programs 🔥 💥

Choose the shape of the template

After entering the Google website, you can choose between a set of ready-made templates or start creating a completely new site.

* If you use Arabic in your Google account, you will not be able to access the ready-made templates.

Choose a template from Google Site

Naming your site

In the upper right-hand corner of the page (for Arabic language users) you can enter the name of the website you want.

Naming the website in Google Site

The page title has changed

By clicking on the phrase page title you can change the title of the home page of the site and change the size and color of the font used in addition to the view.

Changing the page address in Google Site

Add page formatting

From the main menu on the left, you can choose formats to add to your site and to help you design your site on Google Site

😂     Add page layout to Google website Online Certificate Programs 🔥

Determine the general appearance

To change the appearance, click on the Appearances button in the upper left corner of the screen, from here you can choose the general design of the page shape, background colors, font style and color.