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If you are looking for information about YouTube or have questions about the giant search engine Youtube, you are in the right place!

In this guide, we gathered for you everything you need to know about Youtube, and to simplify the matter, we have divided this guide as follows:

What is YouTube’s story

What is the meaning of YouTube?

YouTube logo

What are the characteristics of YouTube

What is red YouTube

What is the use of YouTube for business?

What YouTube gains

What are the YouTube Awards?

What are the negatives of YouTube

How much YouTube consumes from the net

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What’s the story on YouTube?

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform based in San Bruno, California.

🤓  Fully funded online courses  How did the story begin? ✅

YouTube was created in 2005, on the 14th of February, by three young men:

Jawed Karim

Steve Chen

Chad Hurley


A YouTube Trailer is a short video that is shown to new visitors on your channel, we can say that it is a trailer for the channel and it is a great opportunity to:

Show your viewers the type of content you’re creating

Highlight the benefits of following your channel

Encourage viewers to subscribe to the channel

View your latest videos

There are no set rules about the length of a trailer, but most YouTube content creators use clips that are no more than 35 seconds long.

Create advertising clips

As you can see in the Go Show YouTube channel of the creator Yusef Hussein, where the owners of the channel work to put his latest videos as a promotional video on the front of the channel and they update it constantly.

  model of Hot or Not, and that they tried to collect videos, but because of the difficulty of the matter and the lack of resources at that time, they switched to a platform to download any type of video.»

It took a few months to create and develop YouTube, and the first YouTube video was uploaded by Karim on April 23, 2005 titled Me at the Zoo .

The startup * then * YouTube * started raising investments, raising a total of $ 23 million between November 2005 and April 2006.

After the tremendous success of YouTube in less than a year, the giant Google bought the site in November 2006 for $ 1.65 billion ; After that, YouTube became one of Google’s subsidiaries.

🔥 What Fully funded online courses  is the meaning of YouTube ? 🤑

What is the meaning of the word YouTube? The name «YouTube» Why is it called YouTube?

Well, it is very clear that the word «You» in English means «you» in Arabic and was used as an indication that the content is being created by the user and it is you! As for the word «tube», it is a reference to an old term that means television, «television,» due to the ancient use of display screens for cathode ray «tubes» to deliver images.

Early in YouTube’s history, this caused some problems for them. For example, in 2006, a company called Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment that owned the domain name filed a lawsuit against YouTube.

The result? The company has since changed its name to After this early chaos, the YouTube brand «YouTube» has become a famous name around the world. The site has been translated in 75 countries, is available in 61 languages, and hundreds of hours of video are downloaded every minute!

YouTube logo

The YouTube logo consists of three colors: white, black and red, which creates an attractive combination, and symbolizes excellence, optimism, passion, purity, elegance and perseverance, these are all the qualities that helped YouTube reach its current peak.

The YouTube logo has evolved over time until it finally reached its current shape and design, which was adopted in 2017.

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What are the characteristics of YouTube

YouTube YouTube allows you to upload, view, rate, and share videos, add some to custom lists, as well as report and comment on videos, and subscribe to other users’ channels.