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🙂 Free certificate courses Here are some of the most important additions: 🥇

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses : To install any new plugin, all you have to do is click on the Add-ons button from the main menu and then add new . There you can sort the featured, popular and recommended plugins, as well as search for them yourself. To install, simply click » Install Now «.

🤓 Plugins in WordPress Free certificate courses ✅

Jetpack helps you improve website and socialize.

Google Site-kit This extension helps you to connect with the most important Google tools like Google Analytics and AdSense.

S ocial media share buttons  to add and customize participation icons on communication platforms.

Yoast is one of the best tools to help you with SEO.

Elemanator helps you edit and design pages in a different way than the usual WordPress editor.

Add new themes in WordPress

Do not fear anything! You can install and preview any template you want! As I told you before, templates are like pieces of clothing, choose the right thing – to your taste –

Installing themes in WordPress

Choose installation and then choose activation , in this way your website will have a distinct template, if you want to customize and modify the template all you have to do is click on the Customize button and a new screen and a main menu will appear for you on the right side to modify and customize the site’s colors, menus, etc., after Finish editing. Do not forget to click on the Publish button in the upper corner of the screen.

Woocommerce If you want to create an online store with WordPress, this plugin will help you with that.

It should be noted that adding a lot of these add-ons will negatively affect the speed of your site, so be sure to get rid of the add-ons that you do not need.

🔥 Preview and publish the wordpress website Free certificate courses 🤑

In the last steps of creating a WordPress website, all you have to do now is take a final look, publish your website, and have fun!


Congratulations on your new site, enjoy it, but do not think that the work ended that far, because a good site is the site that remains constantly developing, so you should check your site and improve it periodically.

common questions

What is a WordPress site ?

WordPress is

a free and open source website creation platform. Technically, WordPress is a PHP content management system (CMS) that uses a MySQL database. WordPress is the easiest and most powerful website and blog builder today, and it’s a great solution for creating large websites And small.

A WordPress website

is any website that uses WordPress as a content management system (CMS).

What is a WordPress site

✨ WordPress site price Free certificate courses? 💥

WordPress is free open source, but you will need a hosting provider with a domain name in order to be able to use WordPress and publish it on the Internet and this will cost you approximately $ 60 annually.

WordPress site price

How to create an entire website (wordpress)?

– Selecting the hosting provider

– Selecting and registering a domain / domain name

– Installing your WordPress site with one click

– Choosing a custom template

– Creating and customizing your own content and pages

– Installing useful plugins

– Preview and publish your WordPress website

How to create a website (WordPress) completely Create a website WordPress WordPress Create a site Create a site on WordPress Create a site Create a website on WordPress How to create a website completely (WordPress)

🔥 ⌚ How to create a website Free certificate courses ? 😂

– A Choose a suitable tool to create your website

– login and choose the package according to your budget and your needs

– Choose a domain name (domain) a unique and convenient

– Choose the design template you prefer

– customize the design of your website template

– download and coordinate your content

– preview and test your website

– published website