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🙂 Customize your site template design Free certificate courses 🥇

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses : To make it easier for Free certificate courses yourself, consider these templates as clothes, try them and if you don’t like them, choose other clothes and so on, don’t rush to choose! Experiment and inspect each template and look at the details until you find the right one.

Now is the time to customize and edit your template design, why customization?

The answer is because there are millions of people who have created websites using website creation tools and it is possible that one of them chose the same template! If you want to be unique then you must do some customization and modifications to your site template.

You may be wondering what can I customize? What can I modify in the template?

🤓 Well, this is largely up to you, as the website builder tools will provide you with many options such as Free certificate courses:  ✅

Change background color

Change the type and size of the font used

New items such as lists and contact lists added

Include social media channels

Add new pages to the navigation menu

Edit photos in photo gallery

Customization options offered by site builders

Don’t worry, the website builder tools will guide and direct you through this process. The goal of using these tools is to make it easier for you to build websites and they fully understand that.

Squarespace is one of the best tools when it comes to beautiful designs and creative templates.

If you think that the template customization options in these tools do not seem enough for you, you may want to consider creating a website on an open source platform such as . This is the «third method» that we will explain later in this guide .. for

sure There are more options on WordPress but if you are not familiar with programming you will face some difficulties. Learning and mastering WordPress takes a lot of time, especially compared to other website building tools.

🔥 Add and format your own content Free certificate courses 🤑

Now your site has a look of your own. We can say that it started taking shape, but now it needs to add your text and images in addition to your creative videos.

You can consult a content creation guide if you need some advice on writing and creating content , or read this article on the best tools for editing and editing content and writing perfect content.

As for images, fortunately most websites create a wide range of images, and some are linked to external sources to provide a library of free images to help you choose from them. The best proof of this is the ZYRO tool .

⌚ Even if you don’t like the images provided by website builders, Free certificate courses don’t panic! There are many open source free stock photos that you can use such as:  💥




Remember to reduce the size of the images as much as possible before uploading them to your website in order to avoid reducing the speed of the site due to the large size of the images, as this is one of the most important practices for improving search engines on the site, to do so use one of these free tools




Preview and test your website

After completing the previous website creation steps, you probably want to publish and start your website, wait a while! Not yet.

Always preview and review changes to your website before publishing them, you must make sure that things are Free certificate courses working in the right way, for inspection ask the following questions:

Does your site load quickly?

Is the site compatible with all types of devices?

Are there spelling mistakes?

Is the site consistent?

Are the images appearing correctly?

Are external links effective?

Are the social media icons right?

be cerfull ! And preview the site before publishing, most of the site creation tools contain the Preview button , ask your friends and acquaintances to try and preview the site and discover errors, they will have a different view of you!